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Female Pattern Baldness (FPB)

Yes, just like there is a Male Pattern Baldness, there is a female version. This condition is thought to be inherited by genetics and affects up to 70% of women over the age of 70. FPB typically causes overall thinning of hair, as well as patches of baldness on the crown. In contrast with Male Pattern Baldness, FPB doesn't cause a receding hairline; the first symptoms of FPB may be a widening parting or notable loss of hair volume.


There are several solutions available if you are suffering from FPB, the most popular is Volumiser Hair Replace System, sometimes known as the mesh integration system or an intralace hair system.

It's recommended for those who have suffered 50%-80% of hair loss, and it's constructed using a hypoallergenic mesh net which is cut to a bespoke shape and size for a perfect fit. Any existing hair is carefully woven through the mesh to create a seamless, natural appearance. This hair piece can be washed and styled as if it's your own hair.

Integration Topper System for hair loss

Another popular solution for FPB is the Integration Topper System, which is recommend for those suffering from hair thinning or total hair loss in frontal and crown areas. It's a versatile hairpiece which can be attached by discreet clips, giving the client flexibility to remove it at night and refit it in the morning if they wish. Alternatively, they can request for the hairpiece to be attached by a professional for up to 4 weeks of use.

Side Effect from Medical Treatment

Hair loss can also be a side effect from a medical treatment, with the most well-known being radiotherapy and chemotherapy as a treatment for cancer. Hair loss due to radio- or chemotherapy is likely to be total hair loss and requires custom made wigs. The NHS currently offers wig and fabric support to patients which meet the criteria, however, there are also other bespoke-made solutions available.

House of Hair Replacement offer a number of custom-made wigs, including full lace wigs which are also extremely popular with transgender clients or those looking to change their style without the commitment. The wig cap is usually made from French and Swiss lace and woven with either synthetic or virgin human hair, offering a realistic, natural look. Our full lace wigs are characterised by their light weight, making them ideal for use on the daily basis. They are also designed with natural hairlines and can even be worn in a high ponytail or cut and styled to the client's personal preference.

There are also other medication and drugs which can lead to hair loss, including those used for arthritis, depression, heart problems and high blood pressure. Before jumping to any conclusions about the cause and pursuing hair loss treatment, it's recommended that you consult your doctor.

Hair loss with medical treatments