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  • 11-10-2019
Did you know that females also suffer from  Female Pattern Hair Loss (FPHL) similar to men with Male Pattern Hair Loss (MPHL) due to hormones and genetics? Well with females this is true but with this type of hair loss typically starts later in women than men. Also all female hair loss is not strictly related just to androgens (hormones) and genetics. Women who have other underlying medical issues of the endocrine system can also determine the onset of (FPHL).  For instance females with polycystic ovarian syndrome, adrenal or ovarian tumors, low ferritin (iron) levels and thyroid dysfunction can suffer with (FPHL). Hair loss is typically seen in the frontal and scalp area and looks rather like a Christmas tree as it progresses, going from a small thin width which is bigger than the natural parting would be, to a more wider parting appearance. Only a small percentage of women will see detectable hair loss at the age of 30 as little as 3% to be more precise. Also most women with (FPHL) will not suffer from complete hair loss but more diffused hair loss to the frontal and mid scalp. (FPHL) can be reversed when caught in time if other underlying conditions are also under control. The Ludwig chart shows the progression of hair loss in females and typically a Trichologist will have one of these in their practice to assess the stage at which hair loss maybe in a female.  There are several treatments available to help females with(FPHL)and hair replacement systems to conceal the area with or without going through a treatment plan alongside wear a hair system. The house of hair replacement sees females with this condition on a regular basis, so the advise is not to despair, get your hair loss looked after as this will help to boost your confidence and restore your crowning glory.

Written by Marie Butler (US certified Trichologist)