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Mens Hair Replacement Training  

This professional course teaches students how to fit a hair replacement system to address a bald area on a male client. 

The men's hair replacement course is ideal for barbers and hairdressers dealing with male clients. The instructive course demonstrates how to restore hair in the frontal, recession and crown areas of the scalp of males suffering from male pattern baldness.

  • Creating a template for a men's hair replacement system
  • Customizing a hair replacement system to fit an area of hair loss 
  • Colour matching the client's natural hair with the replacement hair system
  • How to conduct a consultation
  • The correct way to apply a hair replacement system
  • Client aftercare tips
  • The procedure for proper hair replacement removal
  • Cleaning the scalp and hair system after removal
  • Scalp preparation for re-application of the hair replacement
  • Advising clients on maintenance appointments

course accreditations

Course Accreditation: Habia CPD approved
Duration: 1-day course 
Time: 10:30am – 5:30pm 
Material: Kit Included 
Cost:  £900 (one to one) or £700 each ( two or more students from the same salon/barber shop)

Finance available (ask us about finance for the course)

course accreditations

Mens Hair Replacement training

Men can become just as distressed as women over their hair loss. It is usually expected that a man will find it quite easy to shave off the remaining hair. There is, however, a significant percentage of men who are not comfortable being wholly bald and cherish hair on their heads.

Today, there are myriads of solutions from diverse companies all claiming to be the best when you think of alopecia, hair thinning and hair loss. Men in this situation will test and try different formulas to settle on the best solution for their hair loss. Some of the methods force the clients to go through painful surgeries for hair restoration. Other methods will require the patient to live on medication with possible long-term ramifications of their overall health. 

HOHR offers a more effective solution for men suffering from hair loss. Our patent technology allows us to design an undetectable hair system resembling your natural hair. The hair in line with the remaining hair goes noticeable from sight or even touch. 

The hair design is made to feel and look likes the natural hair, allowing the men to feel confident with a full head of hair.

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