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We strive to provide every client with a personal and professional service. We understand that each individual is unique and tailor our services to meet your bespoke needs. We employ a comprehensive approach to help our customers feel confident and look great. All of our services are available to all genders. We also treat children and young people who suffer with hair loss conditions 

Hair replacement Training Courses

House of Hair Replacement is the UK's leading non-surgical hair replacement training academy. We were the first to offer such an extensive range of hair replacement courses. We offer training to a broad range of hair professionals, including barbers, hairdressers, and hair extension technicians with hairdressing qualifications.

We have taught students from all over the UK. International students have also come to us for training from Australia, Switzerland, France, Mauritius, Brazil, USA, just to name a few. We will also travel to International students on request.

The courses being offered include the latest techniques in the field of hair prosthetics and non-surgical hair replacement. On completion of the course, hair professionals can offer hair systems to customers who are experiencing hair loss.

Hair Loss Courses

House of Hair Replacement are endorsed by Habia, and all the courses offered are Habia CPD-approved. The Academy offers one-on-one training to allow for maximum learning potential. 

The class structure ensures that all students grasp the techniques and methods taught in the course with practical hands-on opportunities. Ultimately, they receive the training necessary to provide top-notch services to their clients. 

If you want to offer instant gratification to your clientele and become known as an expert in your field, you should register for one of our hair loss and hair replacement training course by contacting us via our contact page with your enquiry.

Student Testimonials

Our Courses

Our HABIA approved hair replacement training courses offer hands-on practical, experience for hairdressers, barbers and professionals working in the hair industry. 

  • 25 Years of experience dealing with hair related issues.
  • Our courses are offered on a buy now pay later basis. 
  • Our training courses directly benefit the Youth Hair charity.

To book a training course please use the contact form to forward your details and we will be in touch as soon as possible to discuss further details.

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Volumiser Integration System

One of our most popular treatments is the Volumiser Integration System which has been used for approximately two decades. 

A mesh net is used with the system, and this acts as a foundation for lace or silk based hairpieces as well as human hair, which are used to restore your hairline. This method is ideal for those who have experienced more than 50 per cent hair loss. 

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Full Lace Wig Application

For clients who have experienced complete baldness, a full lace wig application is an ideal solution. It is perfect for cancer patients as it is a lightweight option. 

This type of wig is different from traditional wigs as it uses an invisible hairline. This means that unlike conventional wigs, the hair can be parted from anywhere on your head, and it is virtually impossible to tell that the hair is not growing from your scalp. 

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Female Frontal Integration

The Female Frontal Integration system is ideal for covering frontal and crown areas in patients suffering from alopecia and female pattern baldness. 

The system also gives women the choice of removing the hairpiece at night and refitting it again in the morning due to its clip-on mechanism. With this system, you can create customised toppers to ensure a perfect fit for all your female clients.

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Hair loss model required


We are in search of models who are suffering from hair loss problems for our hair replacement training courses. If your hair is thinning or suffering from patches of baldness due to medical conditions such as alopecia or hereditary reasons, please contact us via the details below.

We are in search of models who are suffering from hair loss

Men's Hair Replacement

Because men are becoming more conscious of their appearance and more interested in grooming techniques, male hair loss is every bit as devastating for them as it is for females. 

Younger men who experience hair loss such as male pattern balding are usually searching for realistic hair replacement options that are not obvious. 

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Female Master Hair Systems

With a simple 4-day course, you can learn the highly popular Volumiser Mesh Integration System and other female hair replacemenet systems, including how to use female frontal and full lace wigs, along with toppers. 

All four systems are covered in this short course, which offers exceptional value as  an investment in your future

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Master Hair Systems

This course is an excellent investment, as it can assist you to launch your career. 

Our Master Hair Systems Training will help you increase your client base and boost your potential as an expert in your field. You will receive training from our qualified instructor. The course fee includes all teaching and practicing material used in the course. The course is HABIA approved.

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Hair Loss Clinic

Our hair loss clinic offers non-surgical solutions to hair loss for male and female clients. We understand that needs vary from one customer to the next, and endeavour to offer you cost-effective, professional services. We have private treatment rooms for all our clients, whether male, female or transgender.

We want each customer to look great, feel confident, and experience a vast array of benefits from cutting-edge hair loss techniques and hair replacement services. We offer the most current methods available on today's market. Our clinic uses a holistic approach to hair loss, and we offer complimentary consultations that do not obligate the customer to continue unless they are comfortable to. Our speciality is enhancing and restoring your crowning glory.

Men's Hair Replacement

If you are experiencing hair loss because of classic male pattern baldness, our male integration hair replacement system is available to offer you instant gratification and restore your crowning glory. You can swim, do sports, wash, condition, blow-dry and style your hair system as if it is your own hair growing out of your scalp.

Women's Hair Replacement

Whether you are experiencing trichotillomania, hair loss due to radiation or chemotherapy, telogen effluvium, or various forms of alopecia, we can assist you today. Even if you would simply like to give your hair a break with a protective wig or wear a wig for religious purposes, please simply get in touch.

Trichologist Near Me

The number of people suffering from hair loss in general, has increased over the past several years. This may be due to a broad range of factors including medication, hormonal changes, poor diet, and physical/mental stress. A trichologist can offer more advanced solutions to your issues where hair loss is concerned, and such an individual is qualified to treat your scalp and hair. 

An in-depth consultation with a trichologist can assist you to acquire a better understanding of how hair loss occurs. They also qualified to assist in recommending the best treatments to slow or eliminate hair loss and prevent various scalp conditions. House of Hair Replacement has a resident US-certified trichologist who is currently studying to practice in the UK.

If you are looking for a Trichologist in the Midlands area, get in contact today.


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