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Women's Hair Replacement Systems

Hair Loss Solutions for Women at House of Hair Replacement in Birmingham

Our hair loss clinic offers non-surgical solutions to hair loss for female and male clients. We understand that needs vary from one customer to the next, and endeavour to offer you cost-effective, professional services. We have private treatment rooms for all our clients, whether male, female or transgender.

We want each customer to look great, feel confident, and experience a vast array of benefits from cutting-edge hair loss techniques and hair replacement services. We offer the most current methods available in today's market.

There are several solutions available if you are suffering from female pattern baldness and our hair loss experts can help you find the right solution for your needs.  Here we focus on effective hair replacement systems for women including Volumizer Integration Systems, Topper Systems, Hair Pieces for the front of the hair, cranial prostheses, and custom-made wigs.  

Treatments available to slow down or stop hair loss include laser hair growth therapy, microneedling, mesotherapy, platelet rich plasma injections, deep scalp cleansing, vitamin injections and IV vitamin drips. 

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Volumizer Integration System

Our most popular hair loss solution is the Volumizer Integration System - also known as a Mesh Integration System or an Intralace Hair System. Recommended for individuals experiencing 50% to 80% hair loss, this system is meticulously crafted using a hypoallergenic mesh net that is cut to bespoke shapes and sizes for a perfect fit. The Volumizer integrates with existing hair and can be washed and styled as if it were your natural hair.

The hypoallergenic material minimises the risk of irritation, making the volumizer suitable for individuals with sensitive skin. This focus on comfort contributes to a positive and stress-free experience for those wearing the system daily.



Topper System

The Integration Topper System is recommended for women suffering from hair thinning or total hair loss in the frontal and crown areas. It's a versatile hair piece which can be attached by discreet clips, giving the client flexibility to remove it at night and refit it in the morning if they wish. For a more permanent solution, your hair piece can be attached to give you up to 4 weeks of use before requiring attention.  

These systems offer a customisable and versatile solution for women seeking to enhance volume and conceal hair loss.  Designed with comfort in mind, Integration Topper Systems are lightweight and breathable. Our stylists can seamlessly blend your topper with your natural hair so it is undetectable.  It will mimic the texture and movement of your natural hair to create a completely natural look. 

before female integration system at house of hair replacement birmingham


after female integration topper at birmingham hair loss salon


Female Frontal Integration System

This innovative hairpiece is tailored to meet the needs of women suffering from frontal fibrosing alopecia or traction alopecia. The hair piece is customised to the frontal regions of the scalp not only addresses specific hair loss concerns but also offers a range of benefits, providing women with the flexibility to wear their hair confidently and express their style. It is designed to cover the front, temples, and partial crown areas to give you a natural-looking hairline - clients can even wear their hair off their face and change their parting. The frontal system is integrated with existing hair around the front(and hair extensions can be added if needed). The frontal system is typically constructed with silk or lace, offering a lightweight and breathable option for wear.

Perhaps the most significant benefit is the boost in confidence that Female Frontal Integration Systems provide. By addressing frontal hair loss concerns and offering a natural-looking solution, these systems empower women to embrace their appearance with assurance.

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Female Crowning Integration System

The female crowning system is for females with female pattern baldness where there is no hair to integrate in the crown area due to extreme balding resembling that of male pattern baldness. A client would have very few strands of hair in the parietal region of the scalp or none to have this system fitted as it would require bonding in the complete region.

The results are a totally undetectable hairline and full hair in the crown which can be styled off the face and even into a ponytail. This system is made of a breathable membrane that melts seamlessly into the skin.

Cranial Prosthesis at House of Hair Replacement in Birmingham


Female Cranial Prosthesis at House of Hair Replacement Birmingham


Female Cranial Prosthesis

If you have very little or no hair, then you may wish to try a cranial prosthesis. The Female Cranial Prosthesis, often referred to as a medical wig and great for cancer patients, alopecia areata, alopecia totalis and alopecia universalis patients. This is a hair system designed to disguise partial or complete hair loss. The hair system is constructed with a special membrane that replicates the texture and appearance of human skin and the prosthesis gives a full and realistic hairline and an undetectable finish. The hair systems are typically made to measure and are fitted using line of specialist products that are kind to the skin and suitable for daily wear.

The cranial prosthesis is made from breathable and gentle materials that ensure your comfort. You will be able to go about your daily activities without compromise while wearing your fabulous new hair system.

Custom-made wigs for women in Birmingham, West Midlands


Custom-made wigs for women in Birmingham, West Midlands


Custom-Made Wigs

Custom-made lace front or full lace wigs are renowned for their versatility, making them an ideal choice for women navigating hair loss or those who fancy a change. The lace front or full lace wig design allows for a natural-looking hairline, creating a seamless blend between the wig and the wearer's skin. This feature makes the wigs virtually undetectable, providing a realistic appearance. Our wigs also come in many different colours, styles, hair types and price ranges. They are high quality and we only use ethically sourced human hair.

One of the standout features of custom-made wigs is the extensive range of options they offer. Also with full lace wigs you can wear your hair in a high ponytail and lace front wigs give a natural hair line and ability to wear the hair back in a low ponytail. Whether you prefer a classic look, want to experiment with vibrant colours, or desire a specific hair type, these wigs cater to diverse preferences. Styles range from sleek and straight to curly and voluminous, providing the freedom to express your personal style. Book a consultation and let us help you find a look that suits you

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When you visit our Birmingham hair loss clinic, you get so much more than a hair loss solution.  Our skilled hair stylists are proficient in cutting, colouring, and styling which is crucial when fitting and styling hair replacement systems, toppers, wigs and volumizers.  

Regardless of hair type or texture, be it afro hair, coloured hair, or virgin hair, our experienced stylists can skillfully adapt and customise your hair replacement system so you leave us looking great and feeling more confident. 

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