Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions for Hair Replacement Services, Treatments & Training Courses

House of Hair Replacement, Birmingham

By submitting to House of Hair Replacement Ltd Services, Treatments or Training Courses, you (“customer“) agree to the following terms and conditions for any House of Hair Replacement Services, Treatments or Training Courses provided by House of Hair Replacement.

Customer for House of Hair Replacement Services, Treatment &Training are hereafter referred to as the parties, or independently as a party. Subject to the following terms and conditions, party/parties hereby orders, and after receipt by party/parties of part payment for services, Treatments or confirmation from House of Hair Replacement Ltd for training courses, hereby accepts to provide, a House of Hair Replacement Ltd Service, Treatment or Training course as described in the Services, treatment Consultation or Course Description Schedule.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, House of Hair Replacement Ltd shall not be obligated to provide a Service, Treatment or Training Course to party/parties, unless House of Hair Replacement Ltd has received payment in part or for hair replacement systems, treatments during the initial consultation.

On the other hand, in full from party of the applicable fees and charges for such Training Course no less than five business working days from the date of the invoice and after customer has received a confirmation of training from House of Hair Replacement Training. 

1) Information transmitted orally or contained in our documentation shall remain the exclusive property of House of Hair Replacement Ltd for services, treatments or Training. No license in any leaflets or the training modules demonstrated at the training course is implied from this agreement.

2) Parties attending for services, treatments or training at House of Hair Replacement Ltd are to abide by our health and safety rules.

3) Abusive behaviour, in any form, towards any member of staff, or clients, will not be tolerated. Any persons conducting abusive behaviour, will be asked to leave and any further treatments/services will be cancelled with immediate effect. In these circumstances, no refunds will be issued for any treatments already paid for.

4) House of Hair Replacement Ltd will provide all items for services, treatments & training courses, on the day/days of services, treatments or training. House of Hair Replacement Ltd will only supply items applicable to the techniques being taught or the service, treatment being administered.

5) House of Hair Replacement Ltd reserves the right not to admit anyone onto training courses if all payment is not received in full.

6) Fees for House of Hair Replacement Ltd services, treatments or training courses are strictly non-refundable.

7) Payments can be made by bank transfer with credit or debit cards. All payments need to be made in advance of service, treatment or training by debit or credit card.

8) The day (s) training will consist of theory and practice on training head. Parties are to supply their own models if required for training.

9) Any issue with mastering the technique (s) must be addressed with the trainer by party/parties during training session.

10) Photos & videos will be taken during services, treatment & training and will remain the property of House of Hair Replacement Ltd. Video testimonials that are done with consent & by choice will be used in various different ways such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc. House of Hair Replacement Ltd reserves the right to use photos & videos for marketing and publication purposes.

11) If House of Hair Replacement Ltd provides a model for training purposes, party/parties are not permitted to take photos or videos of the models. However, if party/parties provide model/s party/parties can take before and after pictures only. We do not permit the taking of pictures during the fitting of hair systems.

12) On completion of training all parties will be required to sign a training completion agreement and a certificate of completion will be awarded. (This is a private certificate awarded by House of Hair Replacement Ltd, which is Habia CPD approved). This certificate enables you to do hair replacement but does not qualify party/parties to train others in hair replacement techniques. Party/parties are not permitted to use this certificate as a reference for training others in the processes of hair replacement. We cannot be held liable in any form or manner for any activities undertaken by party/parties in training others which may result in legal proceedings.

13) Party/ parties may not use House of Hair Replacement certificates as a reference for undertaking training others in how to perform hair replacement techniques. In the case that our certificate has been used as reference to undertaking training others to perform hair replacement techniques, we retain the right to undertake legal action.

14) We do accept services, treatments or training dates being rearranged if party/parties notified House of Hair Replacement Ltd 5 days in advance with a valid reason.

15) House of Hair Replacement Ltd reserves the right to cancel, postpone or re-schedule services, consultations, treatments or courses due to unforeseen circumstances.

16) House of Hair Replacement Ltd takes no responsibility for suppliers given to students. Complaints are to be dealt with directly with the supplier used.

17) All custom-made hair systems are strictly made to the parties' agreed requirements during consultation therefore refunds are prohibited.

18) Maintenance services are approximately 4-8 weekly depending on hair system; however, parties may need maintenance services from as early as 2 weeks, depending on severity of hair loss and cause of hair loss condition and lifestyle. This service is still liable for fees as set out in pricing explained verbally during consultation and by aftercare documentation given to parties by hand or electronically. 

19) Any parties not happy with the hair replacement system, services or treatment must discuss this with the practitioner during the service or before leaving the premises. House of Hair Replacement Ltd will not accept complaints for cuts, colours, fittings, styling after the party/parties have left the premises. However, refer to point (21) regarding liftings of systems.

20) Any adverse reactions to treatments, products supplied by the House of Hair Replacement Ltd to party/parties must be notified to the House of Hair Replacement Ltd immediately.

21) House of Hair Replacement Ltd does not accept responsibility for adverse reactions caused by misuse of products given to party/parties.

22) House of Hair Replacement Ltd will within the first 7 days of attachment of hair systems will rectify any lifting issues free of charge, which party/parties have. After this initial period, payment applies.

23) Due to hygiene, purposes the House of Hair Replacement do not accept any returns of systems fitted and worn by parties for a refund under any circumstances.

24) Party/parties are to allow up to 12 weeks for custom orders to be made before submitting a complaint regarding time constraints.

25) Party/parties who have their own hair system fitted by us will not hold the House of Hair Replacement Ltd responsible for wear and tear or damage to their system whilst wearing it. House of Hair Replacement Ltd is only responsible for the correct fitting of the system and nothing else. If premature lifting occurs from week 2 of wearing a system the client will pay quoted fees for reapplication.

26) Parties with any form of complaints with hair replacement services or treatments provided at the House of Hair Replacement Ltd must go through our rigorous complaint’s procedure. Any refunds, subject to our discretion, will be provided within 28 working days.

27) Party/parties are to read through and follow all aftercare advice given from the House of Hair Replacement Ltd for hair replacement services. Any recommended products are for the benefit of party/parties, House of Hair Replacement Ltd will not accept any complaints for matting, tangling or damage to hair systems from party/ parties who do not care for their hair systems or follow the aftercare advice leaflet given. Alternatively, miss maintenance appointments, or use ineffectual products on the hair system, which causes damage.

28) Party/parties who have scalp treatments and hair growth programmes are to give a minimum of 6 months to start seeing results. Each party/parties hair growth or condition will vary; therefore, House of Hair replacement expects party/parties to have patience with hair growth or scalp conditions and follow the treatment plan that has been given. House of Hair Replacement Ltd cannot guarantee results with every party/parties and will not be held responsible for this, but will recommend another treatment process where one has not been successful.

29) Trichology diagnosis is to help party/parties to understand their hair and scalp condition. The Trichologist will not treat hair conditions outside of their jurisdiction and will refer party/parties to the relevant specialist to deal with condition such as a Doctor, Dermatologist, Counsellor or Psychotherapist. Once referral has been made, it is up to the party/parties to take the advice of the Trichologist. House of Hair Replacement Ltd cannot accept responsibility for worsening conditions where party/parties do not adhere to advice given. However, fees for the Trichology consultation still apply.

30) Trichology services do not come under the free consultations. Payment is for diagnosis and not for treatment or products given. Extra fees will apply for additional services. House of Hair Replacement Ltd will not consult party/parties who misleadingly turn up for a trichology service, which was not specified during booking the consultation.

31) All Trichology consultation services, which House of Hair Replacement provides must be paid for during telephone booking by card.

32) Where parties have been offered a free consultation when having a hair system this can change at any time and these consultations will incur a fee of between £10 to £20. This fee when charged will be taken off the cost of the hair system/service/treatment if the party/parties go ahead with a service.

33) Parties who enter into finance plans to spread the cost of payment for a second system during the consultation for their first system must make sure available funds are there for the House of Hair Replacement to take on the agreed date with parties. Failure to keep up with payments will result in cancellation of payment plan and the balance of all fees will be payable by the party/parties.

34) Party/parties who enter into a finance agreement to pay for services, treatments or courses will be directed by email to the finance company. There is strictly no refund for these services.

35) All party/parties are required to sign the terms and conditions as acceptance of the House of Hair Replacements T&C’s, any party/parties who refuse to sign the T&C’s will be exempt from receiving a service or treatment.

36) Prices for services, treatments, courses can change at any time and the party/parties will be notified by email or during attendance at the House of Hair Replacement Ltd. The party/parties will be expected to pay the new fees for further treatment.

37) The House of Hair Replacement reserves the right to update these terms and conditions at any time.