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Female Master Hair Systems

Course Content

Our hair replacement-training course offers you skills like no other. You get the chance to learn all four hair replacement techniques in a 4-day comprehensive course. This training equips you with skills you would need to handle all types of female clients compared to if you only had the ability of one hair replacement technique. Learn all four techniques at an affordable cost and kick-start your career on a high. This offer is hard to come by elsewhere, and it's an offer that allows you to get more for less.

course accreditation

Course Accreditation: Habia CPD approved
Duration: 4-day course (flexible dates as and when required)
Time:10:30am – 5:30pm
Material: Kit Included 
Cost: Â£2700 (one to one) £2400 each ( 2 or more students)

Finance available (ask us about finance for the course)

course payment

Volumizer Hair integration system

full lace wig

female integration topper

female frontal integration

Female Master hair systems

Most women highly value their hair and even identify with it. Hair to them is a way of expressing female beauty. Therefore, when they experience alopecia which is the loss of hair, it significantly affects them psychologically and could even damage their self-esteem.

Luckily, in this day and age, alopecia doesn't have to ruin your look. Thanks to advancements in hair replacement systems, we can help to mask the condition. Our high-quality hair systems can be used for all types of hair loss caused by long or short term conditions.

We offer something for every area of hair loss on the scalp. Our training allows you to cater to all female clients. We understand that each client differs in their tastes and preferences, which is why we help you to offer hair replacement systems that can suit a wide range of clientele. The hair systems come in distinct colours and are available in fashionable hairstyles.