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What results can be expected from laser hair growth treatments?
How does laser therapy stimulate blood flow to hair follicles?
Are there side effects to laser hair regrowth treatments?
How soon can results be seen?
Can I book a laser hair growth treatment at HoHR in Birmingham?
Where is House of Hair Replacement Training Academy located?
Can I attend a hair replacement course if I am not a hairdresser?
What will I learn on the hair replacement training course?
What qualification will I receive after my training?
What hair replacement courses do you offer?
Do I need to bring my own hair loss model for my training?
Where can I find House of Hair Replacement?
How do I book a hair replacement consultation?
What hair loss services do you offer?
Do you offer female hair replacement systems?
Are men's hair replacement systems available?
Do you have many transgender hair loss clients?
Can children have a hair replacement system?
How do I know which hair loss treatment is right for me?
Can a regular IV Drip stop my hair falling out?
What vitamins promote hair growth?
How can I book an IV vitamin infusions for hair growth?
What is IV Drip therapy for hair loss?
How can vitamin deficiencies contribute to hair loss?
What vitamins are included in IV vitamin drips for hair growth?
What are the additional benefits of deep scalp cleansing?
Does deep scalp cleansing have other benefits?
Am I using the right shampoo for my hair?
What is deep scalp cleansing?
How often should I have a deep scalp cleanse?
How does deep scalp cleansing prevent hair loss?
What conditions is PRP recommended for?
What is the recommended treatment schedule for PRP?
How can I book PRP at House of Hair Replacement?
What is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment for hair loss?
How do the growth factors in PRP stimulate hair growth?
How is PRP prepared for hair loss treatment?
How does Mesotherapy work?
Is there any downtime with Mesotherapy?
Are there any common side effects from Mesotherapy?
Can Mesotherapy be combined with other hair loss treatments?
What is Mesotherapy for hair loss?
What is the principle behind Mesotherapy?
What benefits does Mesotherapy offer for hair loss?
Can I book a Mesotherapy consultation at HoHR in Birmingham?
What are the benefits of microneedling for hair loss?
Is microneedling a good non-surgical hair loss treatment?
Will microneedling make my hair thicker?
Can microneedling be customised to my needs at House of Hair Replacement in Birmingham?
Are there any side effects to microneedling?
What is microneedling for hair loss?
How does microneedling work for hair loss?
What growth factors are released during microneedling?
How does microneedling promote blood circulation to the scalp?
Can microneedling be combined with topical medications for hair growth?
What are the first signs of hair loss or thinning?
What hair loss treatments do you offer?
What are the most common causes of hair loss in women?
Am I able to reverse my hair loss?
What Is Male Pattern Baldness?
What Is Female Pattern Baldness?
Do children suffer hair loss?
What is laser hair growth therapy?
Is laser hair growth therapy safe?
How does laser therapy work?
What are the key advantages of laser hair regrowth treatments?
How does laser therapy compare to surgical hair transplantation?
Will people be able to tell I am wearing a wig?
What options are available for colours, styles, and hair types?
Is the wig hair ethically sourced?
What is the standout feature of custom-made wigs?
How can I find the perfect look?
What are custom-made wigs?
Is a wig better than a topper?
What are the wigs made of?
What makes the lace front design special?
Are wigs suitable for men and women?
Are Cranial Prostheses made to measure?
Are they classified as medical wigs?
Can they be worn daily?
How natural is the hairline?
What makes Cranial Prostheses a suitable choice for those with very little or no hair?
What is a Cranial Prosthesis?
How is it different from other hair systems?
Who is it suitable for?
How effective is it for partial or complete hair loss?
What is the construction material of the special membrane?
Can hair extensions be added?
Can I change my parting with a Frontal Integration System?
Who is suitable for a Frontal Integration Systems?
Can the Frontal Integration System be worn off the face?
How secure is the Frontal Integration System?
What is a Frontal Integration System?
What areas does the Frontal Integration System cover?
How is it customised for individual needs?
Is it made of silk or lace?
How is it integrated with existing hair?
Is the mesh net suitable for sensitive skin?
How often should it be washed?
Can I do physical activities wearing the volumizer?
How long will my volumizer last?
Can I sleep with the Volumizer on?
What is a Volumizer Integration System?
How is it constructed?
Who is it recommended for?
How is the volumizer attached?
Can it be washed and styled?
How is a hair topper attached?
Can I shower or swim with a hair topper?
How often should I wash my hair topper?
Are there different types of hair toppers for different hair loss?
Can I sleep with my hair topper on?
What is a hair topper?
How is a hair topper different from a wig?
Can I wear a hair topper with my natural hair?
How do I choose the right size and style of hair topper?
Can I style a hair topper like my natural hair?
Do you sell wigs and toupees?
What happens during a hair consulation?
Can medication cause my hair to thin?
How much will my hair consultation cost?
What is Alopecia?
What Is Trichotillomania?
What Is Trichology?

Many clients experience visible improvements in hair density and thickness. However, the extent of regrowth can vary based on factors such as overall health, genetic predisposition, and the stage of hair loss.

The low-level laser light stimulates blood flow to the hair follicles, nourishing them and revitalising their ability to produce healthy hair. It also prolongs the growth phase of the hair cycle.

Laser therapy typically does not cause scalp irritation or allergic reactions, distinguishing it from some medications or topical treatments. It is a well-tolerated and safe option.

Visible results are often seen within four months of consistent laser hair growth therapy.

To schedule a laser hair growth treatment, please call us at 0121 439 1720 or 07747 478 789. Our team will be happy to assist you and provide more information.

House of Hair Replacement is located at 608 Kingsbury Road, Birmingham, West Midlands B24 9PJ.  You can call us on 0121 439 1720 or 07747 478 789 or email

We recommend you only attend our hair replacement training courses if you have hairdressing experience.  Part of the training includes styling the hair replacement system so it suits the individual.  That can only be successfully achieved if you are a hairdresser or barber.

Depending on which course you choose to attend, you will learn everything you need to fit and style that hair replacement system for your clients.  Our courses are aimed at hair professionals including hairdressers, barbers and hair technicians with a hairdressing qualification. All students receive one-on-one tuition and plenty of practical experience. At the end of your chosen course, you will receive an industry-recognised certificate which allows you to offer that service to your own clients.

All of our courses are endorsed by the Hair and Beauty Industry Authority (HABIA), and accredited by ABT. Our courses are delivered by founder Marie Butler who has over 15 years' experience as a training provider and more than 25 years' experience in delivering hair loss solutions for clients.

House of Hair Replacement in Birmingham offers a wide range of hair replacement system training for hairdressing professionals. These include ABT-accredited and Habia CPD-approved courses in Female Cranial Prostheses, Female Integration Toppers, Female Frontal Integration Systems, Volumizer Integration Systems, Wig Making, Full Lace Wig Application, Men's Hair Replacement Systems, plus our Female Hair Replacement Master Class (learn how to master 4 different systems) and Master Hair System Course (learn how to master 5 different systems for men and women). View all of our courses at a glance here.

While we do our utmost to provide you with models, this is not always possible.  We will chat to you about the course requirements and you may need to find your own model for part of your training.  There are many benefits to being a model. Find out more here.

We are located at 608 Kingsbury Road, Birmingham, West Midlands B24 9PJ.  You can call us on 0121 439 1720 or 07747 478 789 or email

Please either call us on 0121 439 1720 or 07747 478 789 or email or complete the form here and we will be in touch.

We have a huge range of effective hair loss and hair replacement services for men, women, transgender clients, young people and children.  They include hair replacement systems (volumizer integration systems, toppers, frontal integration systems, cranial prosthesis, wigs), laser hair growth therapy, microneedling for hair loss, mesotherapy for hair loss, PRP for hair loss, deep scalp cleansing and vitamin injections and drips aimed specifically at improving hair loss.

Yes, we do.  We consider ourselves to be experts in female hair replacement systems. Our qualified trichologist has many years experience in understanding hair loss, and our team are highly trained in making, fitting and styling hair systems for women.   Our female hair replacement systems include volumizer integration systems, toppers, frontal integration systems, cranial prosthesis, and custom-made wigs.  To slow down hair loss, we also offer laser hair growth therapy, microneedling, mesotherapy, PRP, deep scalp cleansing and vitamin injections and drips.

Yes! Our team are highly trained in making, fitting and styling hair systems for men.   Our male hair replacement systems include volumizer integration systems, toppers, frontal integration systems, cranial prosthesis, and custom-made wigs.  To slow down hair loss, we also offer laser hair growth therapy, microneedling, mesotherapy, PRP, deep scalp cleansing and vitamin injections and drips.

Many of our clients are from the transgender community. We treat everyone with the same consideration, respect and level of professionalism.  Our transgender services include making, fitting and styling volumizer integration systems, toppers, frontal integration systems, cranial prosthesis, and custom-made wigs.  To slow down hair loss, we also offer laser hair growth therapy, microneedling, mesotherapy, PRP, deep scalp cleansing and vitamin injections and drips.

Children suffering from hair loss will be warmly welcomed into House of Hair Replacement in Birmingham where we offer a wide range of hair replacement services for children.  Please book a consultation so we can chat through the options and come up with the right solution for your child.

We offer a large range of hair replacement systems and hair loss treatments so we highly recommend you book a consultation.  Please call our hair loss clinic on 0121 439 1720 or 07747 478 789 or complete this form.   Trichology consultations cost £150. If you would like a consultation for a hair replacement system, our consultation costs £20.

IV Drip therapy can be particularly beneficial for individuals who have recently started experiencing hair loss. By directly delivering essential vitamins into the bloodstream, it addresses potential deficiencies that may contribute to hair loss.

Biotin, vitamin B complex, vitamin D, and vitamin E are known to promote healthy hair growth. They contribute to the overall health of hair follicles and may help strengthen hair.

If you are interested in IV vitamin infusions for hair growth at our Birmingham clinic, please call us at 0121 439 1720 or 07747 478 789, and our team will assist you in the process.

IV Drip therapy involves the administration of fluids and vitamins directly into the bloodstream to replenish nutrients, treat medical conditions, and address deficiencies. This can potentially strengthen hair and encourage growth by delivering essential vitamins directly.

Hair loss can be attributed to various factors, including vitamin deficiencies. When the body lacks essential vitamins, it may not produce enough hair or cease production entirely.

IV vitamin drips for hair growth may include vitamins like biotin, vitamin B complex, vitamin D, and vitamin E, which are known to promote healthy hair growth.

In addition to preventing hair loss, deep scalp cleansing promotes healthy hair growth by improving blood circulation to the hair follicles and nourishing the scalp. It also helps clear the scalp of dandruff, acne, and scabbing, creating an optimal environment for hair growth.

Deep scalp cleansing prepares the hair to absorb other hair care products effectively. By removing build-up, the hair can better absorb nourishing ingredients from conditioners and treatments, maximising their benefits.

To maintain the benefits of deep scalp cleansing, it's crucial to use the right shampoo for your hair type. Our team, with expertise in hair loss and cutting and styling, can recommend the best professional products tailored to your specific needs.

Deep scalp cleansing is a crucial step in maintaining healthy hair and promoting hair growth. It involves exfoliating the scalp and removing build-up to unclog pores and stimulate hair follicles, helping prevent hair loss.

We recommend deep scalp cleansing once or twice a month. This frequency helps remove dead skin cells, excess oil, and pollutants from the scalp, ensuring a clean and healthy environment for hair growth.

Deep scalp cleansing prevents hair loss by removing build-up, unclogging pores, and stimulating hair follicles. This process creates an optimal environment for hair growth, preventing issues like dandruff and itchiness associated with poor scalp health.

PRP is recommended for individuals experiencing hair loss.

We usually recommend one PRP treatment a month for three consecutive months. After this initial phase, clients typically come for follow-up PRP treatments every 3-6 months to maintain results.

To schedule PRP hair growth treatments, please call us on 0121 439 1720 or 07747 478 789.

PRP treatment for hair loss is a promising option, especially for individuals experiencing male and female pattern hair loss. It involves using the client's blood, processed through a centrifuge to extract platelets rich in growth factors.

The growth factors in PRP stimulate hair growth by promoting the proliferation of hair follicle cells and increasing blood supply to the scalp. This encourages an optimal environment for hair growth.

PRP is prepared by extracting a small amount of the client's blood, which is then processed using a centrifuge to separate the platelets. These platelets are rich in growth factors which are crucial for hair growth.

Mesotherapy stimulates blood circulation, activates dormant hair follicles, and releases growth factors. This process revitalises follicles, promotes the growth of new, healthier hair, and reduces inflammation in the scalp.

No, Mesotherapy does not require downtime. Clients can resume their daily activities immediately after the treatment, making it a convenient option for individuals with busy schedules.

Common side effects may include mild redness or swelling at the injection sites, but these effects typically subside within a short period, and they are minimal compared to more invasive procedures.

Yes, Mesotherapy can be effective when combined with other treatments, such as topical medications, to enhance overall results in stimulating hair growth.

Mesotherapy for hair loss is a non-surgical treatment that delivers a specially formulated cocktail of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other active substances directly to the scalp through microinjections. It stimulates hair follicles and triggers the release of growth factors, promoting hair growth.

Mesotherapy operates on the principle of delivering nutrients directly to the mesoderm (middle layer of the skin) of the scalp through microinjections, stimulating the body's natural healing and regenerative processes.

Mesotherapy is non-invasive, allows for targeted treatment, can be customised for individual needs, has minimal side effects, and provides natural-looking results by promoting gradual and natural hair regrowth.

Please call us at 0121 439 1720 or 07747 478 789 and our team will assist you in the process.

Benefits include non-invasiveness, stimulation of natural hair regrowth, effective absorption of serums and growth factors, customisation to individual needs, and safety when performed by trained professionals.

Yes, microneedling is a non-invasive procedure, making it an attractive option for individuals addressing hair loss without resorting to surgery. It involves minimal discomfort and requires no downtime.

The micro-injuries created by microneedling stimulate the activation of dormant stem cells in the hair follicles. This activation prompts the development of new hair cells, leading to thicker and healthier hair growth.

Yes, microneedling can be tailored to the specific needs of each client. The depth of needle penetration and the frequency of treatments can be adjusted based on the severity of hair loss and desired outcomes.

Microneedling is considered safe and low-risk. Temporary side effects, such as redness or mild swelling, typically subside shortly after the treatment.

Microneedling for hair loss is a minimally invasive procedure involving tiny needles that create controlled punctures in the scalp. This stimulates the body's natural healing response, promoting collagen production and enhancing blood circulation to the hair follicles.

Microneedling works by inducing micro-injuries in the scalp, activating the body's healing response. This process triggers the production of growth factors, cytokines, and collagen, fostering an optimal environment for hair growth.

Growth factors such as platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF) and transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-β) are released during microneedling, stimulating collagen production and promoting hair growth and thickness.

Microneedling induces a mild inflammatory response, promoting blood flow to the scalp. Improved blood circulation ensures that hair follicles receive an enhanced supply of oxygen and essential nutrients, fostering an optimal environment for hair growth.

Yes, microneedling can be effective in stimulating hair growth when combined with topical medications. The procedure enhances the absorption of serums and growth factors applied to the scalp.

We typically shed around 100 strands of hair per day. In order to keep our hair at a normal thickness we need to replace those lost strands at the same rate. If you start noticing an increase in the number of hairs left on your hairbrush after brushing or in the basin after shampooing, it may be an early sign of hair thinning. Another early indication could be a wider part or a thinning crown.

At House of Hair Replacement in Birmingham, hair loss and hair thinning treatments are our specialty. We offer a variety of treatments such as micro-needling services for hair loss, volumizer hair replacement treatments, laser hair growth therapy and more. We can also create custom made wigs or hair integration toppers for women that allow you to be more flexible with your hair on a daily basis. Feel free to book your consultation now with our team of hair loss experts.

The most common cause of hair loss in women is typically anaemia and ferritin deficiency, i.e. iron deficiency.

Determining the reversibility of hair loss depends on the specific cause behind it and can thus vary from person to person. To find the best hair thinning and hair loss treatment for you make sure to book in at House of Hair Replacement for your consultation with our hair loss and hair thinning specialists.

Male pattern baldness, receding hairlines, cancer, alopecia, traction alopecia, and the use of certain medications are common causes of balding, hair thinning, and hair loss in men. The impact on self-esteem and confidence caused by male baldness is widely recognised, and at House of Hair Replacement, we offer discreet and comfortable solutions for men experiencing hair loss in a confidential environment.

Factors such as ageing, pregnancy, heredity, or certain medications can contribute to female pattern baldness. Other causes of excessive shedding and hair loss in women include alopecia, traction alopecia, cancer, and trichotillomania. At House of Hair Replacement in Birmingham, we offer a range of solutions specifically tailored for female hair loss. Understanding the sensitivity of treating hair loss and hair thinning, we provide private spaces for confidential consultations and treatments.

Both permanent and temporary hair loss can affect children, causing emotional challenges for both the child and parent. We empathise with these difficulties and provide a safe and confidential environment to discuss various treatment options that can address hair loss, ensuring both parent and child feel comfortable throughout the process.

Laser hair growth therapy is a clinically proven method that stimulates hair follicles, invigorates hair growth, and helps prevent hair loss using medical-grade lasers to deliver low-level laser light to the scalp.

Yes, laser hair growth therapy is a safe and painless treatment option for both men and women, especially those in the early stages of hair loss.

The therapy utilises low-level laser light to stimulate hair regrowth and reduce hair loss by invigorating the hair follicles. Visible results are often seen within four months.

Laser therapy is non-invasive, painless, and does not require incisions or recovery time, making it a comfortable option for individuals seeking hair regrowth solutions.

Unlike surgical procedures, laser therapy is non-invasive and painless, providing a safe alternative without the need for incisions or recovery time.

The lace front design and meticulous construction make the wigs virtually undetectable, providing a realistic appearance that mimics natural hair growth.

Our wigs come in a wide range of colours, styles, and hair types, ensuring that individuals can find a perfect match for their preferences. Styles include sleek, straight, curly, and voluminous.

Yes, we only use ethically sourced human hair for our wigs, ensuring a high-quality and ethical product.

One standout feature is the extensive range of options they offer, allowing individuals to choose from classic looks, vibrant colours, and various hair types.

Book a consultation, and our experts will help you explore the extensive options, ensuring you find a custom-made wig that suits your unique style and preferences.

Custom-made wigs are personalised hairpieces crafted to fit the individual's head shape and size. Our wigs are made with silk or lace bases for added comfort.

Custom-made wigs offer versatility, making them an ideal choice for both men and women navigating hair loss or those seeking a change in hairstyle. Book a consultation at House of Hair Replacement so we can look at the different hair replacement options for your needs.

Our wigs are made with silk or lace bases, providing a comfortable and natural feel for the wearer, plus high-quality human hair.

The lace front design allows for a natural-looking hairline, creating a seamless blend between the wig and the wearer's skin. This feature makes the wigs virtually undetectable.

Yes, custom-made wigs are designed for both men and women, catering to a diverse range of preferences and needs.

Yes, Cranial Prostheses are typically made to measure, ensuring a perfect fit for the individual's head shape and size.

Yes, Cranial Prostheses are classified as medical wigs, indicating their purpose in addressing hair loss caused by medical conditions.

Cranial Prostheses are suitable for daily wear as they are comfortable and durable.

The Cranial Prosthesis provides a full and realistic hairline, achieving a natural appearance that is undetectable to others.

Cranial Prostheses offer a comprehensive solution for individuals with minimal or no hair, providing a comfortable, realistic, and aesthetically pleasing option to address their specific needs.

A Cranial Prosthesis is a specialised hair system designed for individuals with very little or no hair, providing an effective way to disguise partial or complete hair loss.

The Cranial Prosthesis is constructed with a special membrane that replicates the human skin, offering a realistic and undetectable finish.

Cranial Prostheses are suitable for men, women, and children, providing a versatile solution for individuals of all ages experiencing hair loss.

It is highly effective for both partial and complete hair loss, offering a natural and full-looking hairline.

The special membrane is typically constructed from materials that replicate the texture and appearance of human skin, ensuring a realistic finish.

Yes, hair extensions can be added to the system if desired. This allows for additional length or volume, providing flexibility in styling.

Yes, clients can change their parting as often as they like, offering versatility in styling and ensuring the system meets their evolving preferences.

Frontal Integration Systems are suitable for men, women, and children, providing a versatile solution for individuals of all ages dealing with hair loss in the specified areas.

Yes, clients can wear their hair off their face with the Frontal Integration System, offering styling options that suit different preferences.

When properly fitted and attached, the Frontal Integration System is secure and stays in place during daily activities. The integration with existing hair ensures stability and a natural appearance.

A Frontal Integration System is a specialised hairpiece designed to cover the front, temples, and crown areas, providing a natural-looking hairline. It is customised for individual needs.

The system covers the front, temples, and crown areas, addressing hair loss in these specific regions.

The Frontal Integration System is tailored to individual preferences, considering factors such as hair colour, texture, and desired style for a personalised and natural appearance.

The system is made with a silk or lace frontal, ensuring a comfortable and realistic feel. These materials are chosen for their natural look and breathability.

At House of Hair Replacement our hair loss experts are also hairdressers which means we can seamlessly integrate your frontal system with existing hair to create a blended and cohesive look that you will love.

Yes, the mesh net used in the Volumizer Integration System is hypoallergenic, making it suitable for individuals with sensitive skin.

The frequency of washing depends on individual preferences and lifestyle. Typically, washing every 10-20 wears is recommended, but it can vary.

Yes, the volumizer is designed to be secure and versatile, allowing individuals to engage in various physical activities without compromising its stability.

The lifespan of the volumizer varies depending on factors such as maintenance, care, and the individual's lifestyle. With proper care, it can last a significant amount of time.

While it's generally recommended to remove hair replacement systems before sleeping to prevent friction, some individuals may choose to sleep with them. Using a silk or satin pillowcase can help minimise friction and prolong the system's lifespan.

A Volumizer Integration System, also known as a Mesh Integration System or Intralace Hair System, is a specialised hairpiece designed to address hair loss in individuals with 50%-80% hair loss.

The system is constructed using a hypoallergenic mesh net that is cut to a bespoke shape and size for a perfect fit. This net serves as a base for the integration of additional hair.

It is recommended for men, women and children experiencing moderate to substantial hair loss, typically in the range of 50%-80%.

The Volumizer Integration System is carefully woven into the existing hair through the mesh, creating a seamless and natural appearance. It is designed to integrate with any existing hair for a perfect blend.

Yes, the volumizer integration system can be washed and styled just like natural hair. This includes using regular hair care products and styling tools to achieve the desired look.

We have two options. You can have a hair topper that is attached using discreet clips so you can remove it at night if you wish. For a more permanent solution that lasts up to four months, we can attach your topper using skin-friendly adhesives or tapes.

We would recommend you remove a temporary topper to prolong its lifespan. If you have a more permanent option, you can shower in it. We will explain how best to look after your new hair during your consultation at House of Hair Replacement.

The frequency of washing depends on factors like your lifestyle and how often you wear the topper. Generally, washing every 10-20 wears is recommended.

Yes, there are various types of toppers designed to address different patterns of hair loss, including crown toppers, parting toppers, and frontal toppers.

That is entirely your choice. With temporary toppers we recommend you remove them before sleeping to prevent friction and tangling. Using a silk or satin pillowcase can help minimise friction.

A hair topper is a hairpiece designed to cover specific areas of hair loss or thinning on the scalp. It provides additional volume and coverage where needed.

While wigs cover the entire head, hair toppers are smaller and designed to target specific areas of hair loss. Toppers are ideal for individuals with partial hair loss or thinning.

Yes, hair toppers are designed to blend seamlessly with your natural hair. At House of Hair Replacement, our hair loss experts are also skilled hairdressers so we can integrate the topper with your existing hair to create a natural and undetectable look.

We will measure the area of hair loss accurately and choose a topper that matches your hair colour, texture, and desired style. We will consult with you throughout your appointment so you fully understand the plan for your fabulous new hairstyle.

Yes. Our hair toppers are made from high-quality, ethically sourced human hair, allowing you to style your hair using heat tools just like your natural hair.

Absolutely! At House of Hair Replacement, our specialised team excels in offering a comprehensive range of services for finding, fitting, cutting, and styling both human hair and synthetic wigs and toupees. Explore our dedicated wig and toupee services to discover more about how we can fit your needs.

During your hair loss consultation, our experts will take the time to thoroughly understand your hair by asking questions about your lifestyle, diet, family history, stress levels, medication usage, and other relevant factors that may contribute to your condition. Based on this information, we will discuss and recommend suitable treatment options tailored to your needs, while also scheduling appointments for your chosen course of treatment. Periodic review appointments may be necessary to ensure the ongoing effectiveness of the treatment, and we will also capture pictures of your hair to document your progress. Don't hesitate to book your consultation with House of Hair Replacement today by either calling or by booking online!

Certain medications may lead to hair thinning or hair loss as a side effect. If you are experiencing any such side effects from your medication, we strongly recommend consulting your GP for further guidance. To address your hair loss concerns, we encourage you to book a consultation with our hair loss and hair thinning experts, where we are dedicated to providing the support you need.

We offer two consultation types.  If you would like a consultation for a hair replacement system, we charge £20 where we can chat through your needs and recommend the best option for your hair loss.

Those who need a more thorough consultation with hair and scalp diagnosis using the latest technology should book a Trichology Consultation.  These are charged at £150 and are designed to help you understand the underlying causes of your hair loss.  Our qualified and experienced Trichologist can also recommend the best course of treatments or hair replacement options for your needs.

While alopecia is a well-known condition, it encompasses a wide range of variations that can impact individuals on a temporary or long-term basis. At House of Hair Replacement we offer a diverse range of non-surgical treatments to provide assistance and support in managing the wide variety of alopecia conditions.

Trichotillomania, commonly referred to as trich, is a condition characterised by an irresistible urge to pull out one's own hair. This includes hair on the scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes, or other areas of the body.

Trichology is the dedicated scientific study of the hair and scalp, and a trichologist is a specialist who focuses on hair loss and thinning hair, offering effective treatments. At House of Hair Replacement in Birmingham, we take pride in being more than just experienced in hair loss – our team of certified experts delivers the best hair loss treatments with proven results.