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Male Pattern Hair Loss

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  • 11-10-2019
Did you know that once a male is past the stage of puberty that Male Pattern Hair Loss  (MPHL) can occur.  This is due to the rise of hormones known as androgens. Androgens are the major player in the sexual development of men. These hormones can also affect women known as Female Pattern Hair Loss (FPHL) but this section is specifically about men and the way it affects the hair in males. Many of you may have heard of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) however contrary to popular belief that alone wont cause (MPHL). A combination of normal levels of testosterone alongside dihydrotestosterone and the genetic predisposition for hair loss which is the 5 alpha- reductase enzyme will cause hair loss.  This can be inherited from both maternal and paternal parents. Therefore if you are suffering from hair loss check with family members on both father and mothers side to see where you may have inherited it from. So what happens to the hair? Why does it fall out? This is due to anagen which is one of the hair growth phases being shortened then an increase in the shedding phase, telogen takes place and causes miniaturisation of the hair follicles, which then become vellus hairs and unfortunately the visible signs of hair loss then becomes noticeable. Hair loss progresses through the scalp starting from the front temple area moving towards the back. The Hamilton-Norwood scale shows the progression of hair loss these scales are typically seen at a Trichologist or hair loss clinic. So you can see this happening and want to stop it in its tracks!  There are several courses of action that can be taken so its best to visit a professional that understands about hair loss and can help you with a solution to your (MPHL).  The main thing here is understanding the reason behind it and that help is out there.

Written by Marie Butler (US Certified Trichologist)