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 Wig Making/BUILDING Training

This Wig-making course is aimed at hair professionals or anyone who wishes to learn to make their own line of wigs. This course will teach you how to make your own brand of wigs for your female clients, friends and family.  If you like wearing wigs yourself, you will be able to make an array of different colours and styles in a short time frame. This fun wig-making course will allow you to learn to make wigs for clientele with alopecia or  thinning hair and for women who want to have a different hair Colour without coloring or compromising their own hair.

Course content

This course is best suited to hairdressers, hair extension technicians and those who are hair professionals.

  • How to choose the correct sized wig cap
  • How to sew on frontal, lace or silk base hair pieces correctly
  • How to attach wig combs to the wig cap
  • How to attach wig elastic to the wig
  • How to attach hair to the wig cap
  • How to hand sew the complete wig
  • How to add highlights and low lights to the wig

course accreditations

Course Accreditation: Habia CPD approved
Course Delivery: Practical 
Duration: 1 to 2 day course (flexible dates available)
Time: 10:30am – 5:30pm
Material: Kit included 
Cost:  £1000 (one to one) £850 each  (2 or more students)

Finance available (ask us about finance for the course)

course accreditations

lace front Wig Making

Whether you want to disguise parts of hair loss, or simply want to adopt different looks without the commitment of colouring your hair, a lace front wig is ideal. You can also give your hair a break by wearing a protective wig. 

Wigs come in many different colours, styles, hair types and price ranges.  For instance synthetic wigs which are a cheaper alternative to human hair wigs, are often worn because the fibre material which is used to make this type of wig holds it shape and style, these wigs can be heat resistant too. 

Synthetic wigs are a great option if affordability is an issue but will not last as long as human hair wigs.  Human hair wigs can be made out of any type of hair you wish, from Russian, temple Indian, Brazilian to Chinese hair. 

The price will be significantly higher than synthetic wigs but these wigs are a lot more versatile in terms of styling and life span.  Wigs have been worn for centuries and were seen as a sign of status through Egyptian times right through to the  Elizabethan era and are still very popular today, worn by Judges, actors, models and women from all walks of life.